ROUSER 135 / 200 / 220 OWNERS
Standard/Naked Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Arousing your ride!

Uniting the Kawasaki-Bajaj Rouser riders for the sake of good fellowship, sportsmanship, and cooperation while safely enjoying the pleasures of the open road, and the beautiful Philippine scenery.


The ARouser Elite Riders aims to:
1. Develop a responsible and defensive motorcycle riding.
2. Affiliate, communicate and cooperate with local and regionall motorcycle organizations.
3. Encourage and engage in local tourism through the organization of motorcycle rides.
4. Organize community rides in philippines to encourage inbound tourism.
5. Organize charity and social events for the benefit of the wider community.
6. Encourage motorcycle use as an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative to the car.


To promote safe motorcycle riding throughout thePhilippines and beyond. We will accomplish this through
educating new riders, and the public about the safety, responsibility, and fun of riding motorcycles.
We will also accomplish this by being positively involved in our community, and local charity events.
Most importantly, it is our mission to have fun! Mabuhay AEC!


To grow our riding club, promote safe riding, and continue to thrive as one of Philippines
premier motorcycle riding families...

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